Jessica Chambers, this poor girl was burned alive and named who did it before dying, but it ended in a mistrial, the prosecutor is ok with this ending… and will retry the case… I will say one thing, Families never really know the strength or problems with a case.

Mistrial declared in burning death of Mississippi teen

Quinton Tellis, 29, was charged with capital murder because 19-year-old Jessica Chambers’ death in December 2014 occurred during the commission of another crime, third-degree arson. If convicted, Tellis could have faced life in prison after prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.

How Horrible! I couldn’t remember this story, but then I saw the date and realized I was in Cali in 2008

Man extradited from Mexico found guilty of murdering Utah woman in 2008

Weber County Sheriff’s Office OGDEN – A man returned to Utah from Mexico to stand trial for his girlfriend’s brutal slaying was found guilty of murder Tuesday. Gutberto Heras-Corrales, who turned 42 this week, was convicted of murder, a first-degree felony, in the 2008 death of Noemi Rodriguez.

Ind. teen high on drugs, crashes into a house at 107 MPH, kills 2 — Debra Petti

Two sisters are dead after a teenager crashed into their house in Frankfort, Indiana. Police also say that teen was high on opiates. from USATODAY – News Top Stories

via Ind. teen high on drugs, crashes into a house at 107 MPH, kills 2 — Debra Petti

What is a murder confession? I have Marilee’s confession, right here…

“I just like kept going and then I saw a car or a police car behind me and then that’s when I freaked out and was like I got to run into a pole a really sturdy pole or I could run into this car and go really fast I thought I could kill myself but I, I wasn’t planning on killing the other person umm that wasn’t my intention not at all I just wanted to hurt myself as bad as possible at the time. “

Is that a confession?  Was the confession taken correctly?  I am so confused so yes I am actually asking…

Question 1) What qualifies as a murder confession?

I am by all means not saying that Marilee is innocent….  But am I missing something? …  I very well could be since no one really explains anything to me in this process. I get that she admits to doing what she did, but that statement highlighted above is all I see, that statement is what was provided to me. I do hope there is more, but where is it?  And why do I not have it?

There’s more to this confession, but I feel that I need to dissect this and concentrate on one small, but significant portion at a time… and trust me this Is the big one. I will be sharing the other parts of Marilee’s interview.   But from what I have been given this is it… this is her exact words on 6/30/2016 after killing Madi and Tyler.   These are the words that directly correlate Marilee with their deaths.

I have had the Weber County police report since 8/2.  The last week of September an attorney not involved with our case had agreed to look at everything and help out if he could.  This attorney did give me the magic secret society lawyers club words that finally opened the forbidden passage way to my missing reports (FYI still missing Layton and Syracuse reports).  Those magic words if anyone ever needs them are “complete file”.   I was instructed to call my lawyer and say ” I need my complete file and I will be there at  3:00PM today to pick it up….  I was given these instructions on a Friday night and by 3:00pm the following Monday I had what I thought was my “complete file” .

Ok before I get into the next part I would like to explain that my intentions are not to look for something that the police detective did wrong.  What I was after and what I did want to ask was….. Where did Marilee’s Dad go?  He had been there… and I know I didn’t include the part of the police report that explains Dr. Gardner’s trip to the crime scene yet, but I will tell you what happened ….

Marilee had fled the seen, she ended up going to Winco which is on the same corner that the crash happened.  She went in the store and called her father.  He went and picked her up.  He turned her over to the police, he spoke to one of the officers, he answered questions regarding what had happened that night and then he went home….

I do not see where her Dad had given permission for Marilee to be interviewed, if he did it’s missing from my reports.  I looked for the following information because I am baffled at the fact that he handed her over and left.  Again am I missing something?  I don’t understand how this report ties anything together.   I would think his permission would need to be documented….  This is a perfect example of the type of thing I am so frustrated over.  The reports I have are choppy, they don’t tie together and they don’t make sense.

(d) No person other than a probation officer or a staff member of a detention facility shall be permitted to interview a child 14 years of age or older in a detention facility regarding an offense chargeable against the child without the consent of the child and the child’s parent, guardian or custodian after first advising said child of constitutional rights as described in Rule 26 and such rights having been knowingly and voluntarily waived by the child .

(e) If the child’s parent, guardian or custodian is not available, the consent of the court shall be obtained before interviewing a child in a detention facility.

In regards to the law highlighted above, again I am honestly confused.  I really could only find this information, I have found other statements that contradict the above, but they have been on law firm websites.  I am still trying to confirm.  I think the above law  might not apply because of the seriousness of the crime.

2) Are there exceptions to the laws regarding interrogation of minors depending on the seriousness of the crimes?

I am going to keep track of these questions as I write about all of the things I can’t wrap my head around, and there’s a lot!

No Holding Back November

Last week I fell down, the sentencing for Marilee Gardner was over and with it my adrenaline rush and fight seemed to be over as well.  I slept a lot, I didn’t go to work the remaining of the week and I cried and cried and cried.  I wrote sad meaningful posts, which I needed and Madi deserved a moment of stillness.. and like it or not I needed some time to let things set in.

The first six months after Madi was killed I was medicated and docile, I am sure I needed that down time, but it wasn’t me.  I am sure my calmness had been observed by others and they had a false idea of who I am. I actually only figured this part out today.

I am extremely close to a few of my aunts.  On my Mom’s side I have my aunt Susan, she is so supportive and is always there to listen to me, she takes the time to understand where I am coming from.  I think I have taken a lot from my lifelong relationship with her and she is a huge influence on who I am.  Susan and I have been present for each other during the darkest parts of our lives and as dreary as that sounds it is a comfort.

On my Dad’s side I am actually close to all of my aunts, that is the honest truth.  I have 5 aunts on that side and they seriously ALL mean the world to me.  My aunt Tami is only two years older than me so she often feels more like a sister.  My aunt Denice is such a good person, she also is not much older than me and one of my best friends.  And then there is aunt Glenda, my aunt Glenda is the feistiest woman I know and even before Madi was killed I had started seeing that I was developing some of her skillset.  Aunt Glenda has had some very hard times and has had to deal with huge losses much like myself.   She has been telling me lately how proud she is of me and things like that keep me going.  Today or I guess it will be Yesterday when I post this she let me know that she was worried about me those first 6 months, she told me that she thinks I have become so strong.

It’s funny how you can know you have become strong and still question yourself at the same time.  Last Saturday in an attempt to shake the sadness of that week I had decided that in November I was going to write and post something every day.

So far so good, I made day one and now I made day two as well.

This was not supposed to be the day two post.  After aunt Glenda had told me that she saw my strength I had a sudden burst of fierceness.  I have wanted for a few months to share the exact details of the police reports from that night, but not at the expense of ruining things for others involved.

I believe now is the time.  I am so confused about so many things and this is not something I can be at peace with until I understand and can put the puzzle together.  I already know that when the puzzle gets put together it is probably going to be a horrific picture, but my consistent concern since 6/30/2016 has been that I don’t feel that I know the truth.  I believe it’s my right to know and at this point I don’t entirely understand many of the things that I have been told or learned on my own.

I need to get this all written, I ultimately do not know what I am going to do with all of my scattered writings, but they are a start to something and maybe someone along the way will read this or see this and be able to help point me to the right direction,

Before I started on this post I had already started writing about the first issue I feel compelled to get out there…And that first thing is Marilee’s confession.

I decided it was best to let everyone know what I am up to….