Life Dropout

I guess I took a break, I am not sure why or how it became a break, but that’s what it was.  It wasn’t a positive or negative break and I didn’t even realize I was taking it until maybe a week ago.  I think I have become a life dropout and I don’t really want to go back and get my diploma.  I don’t think I need it or that it’s beneficial in any way.

I might go back just so I can hangout with friends, but I’ll probably just watch them finish their work.  I have no interest in any of my own assignments.  The teachers and administrators are all frauds and now that I know that I see no point in doing anything they assign to me.

I can get way more out of my own assignments anyways, I know what I need to learn and where my focus needs to be.  I guess I am on independent study, being home schooled for now.  I never realized there was an option like this, hopefully I can dig deep and graduate quickly using my own curriculum.

Now that I have seen what people are capable of I would rather be uneducated.  It’s not even what they are capable of really, it’s what they can convince theirselves into believing they had to do.  My driving force right now is showing them they made the wrong decisions.

If you fear standing up to someone evil, I hate to break it to you,  life probably has some lessons coming your way.   Life’s lessons are not listed in an index in any books of life that you can find.  They are more of an on the job training or an internship that you will need to complete before graduating.

I by all means am not even close to graduation, but I do have lots of random pages that were left out of the textbooks.  I have spent hundreds of hours sorting this big mess of papers that I have collected.  I have it separated and labeled by violation.  I have as a result of my pre dropout internship for life learned to take the emotion out.

Besides learning how to look for only the facts I also learned to collect this information.  I learned that just because it seems like I don’t need this right now someday I might, and for me that someday actually came.  As I read through the pages and highlight what I need I don’t even see any of the words or sentences that show emotion.

The facts stand out to me without a highlighter.  I only use the highlighter to show others what I can already see as bolded.  I also call it what it is, I call it those ugly words that I am pretty sure we are pre-programmed not to say because it is impolite.

No it is not impolite it’s reality and people need to be called out on their bulls**t.  Call it what it is; call it bullying, harassment, discrimination, retaliation.  Put it in writing so that they know you are aware of it.  They aren’t going to like it, but do not care about their likes.   What they like or dislike has no benefit to you I promise.

The sad part about this series of unwritten life lessons is that the people thinking they are obeying, and doing as they should look like the perpetrators.  They have their names all over the written proof, they put their names on something that is not their work, and we’ve probably all done that same thing.

In reality they are only little game pieces to the players, they are pawns.  They are probably made of material that can be crushed.   If somehow they are made of something strong they probably haven’t exercised and built their strength and are small; small enough to go into the trash.

I think I was perceived by the players as being made of something strong, but they thought I was small.  I might have been small, but they don’t know about recyclable yet; that is what I am here for.  I am here to teach them about what happens when trash is recycled.

I don’t know for sure what happens, but I know recycled trash does one thing for sure without a doubt.  It comes back.  When it does come back it’s already recycled and doesn’t care about getting the diploma of life.

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