Marilee Gardner gets a makeover?

Ok, so I have been stewing on this for two weeks and since we have the parole hearing today (the parole hearing/s we were not informed of until the Oct. 25 sentencing) I decided lets just get this out there.

There was a November 15th District court date in front of Judge West.  Not many people went and we really didn’t talk a lot about it.  It was supposed to be one of those formality type of court appearances for Marilee and for the most part it was.  But… and of course there is always a but, Marilee seemed to have had a rapid transformation.

We are used to seeing Marilee looking like this:


Well on this day she looked more like this:


And I am only slightly exaggerating. I mean she didn’t look like Christina Ricci per say, but the change was this drastic (in my opinion of course).  I really wish there were pictures from that day, I can just say that me and Marnie both gasped.

Why I am bothered (if anyone needs to ask) I am bothered because WTH!

I am bothered because either:

A) Her look and act before this day were all a show.


B) They get some very special treatment at Farmington Bay.

Either way it’s a slap in the face.  The plea agreement was supposedly put into place so that she could get more of a therapeutic approach to her punishment, and also that she could be rehabilitated.  Not so that she could enjoy special perks such as freshly done hair and makeup.

Do you know who else liked makeovers?  Madi did…  Do you know who can’t have a makeover ever again?  Yep, Madi can’t.  Is it fair that the girl that took her and Tyler’s lives gets to reap the benefits of a “a brand new you” make over?  Not in my opinion and not under any circumstances would my mind be changed on this.

If a person was “Oh so sorry” why would they think that this was appropriate?  And lets for the sake of argument say she’s a kid and doesn’t understand that it is extremely inconsiderate to show up to a hearing in front of the families of the kids you killed looking like a completely new refreshed person; wouldn’t her parents and lawyer know?

Maybe they have some kind of personality disorder, which to me would mean they would all three have to have that same disorder.  Or maybe it was paybacks for the majority of the family members not having forgiveness for Marilee.  Maybe it was all an act to make her appear weak so that the prosecutor questioned the strength of a murder charge if he went to trial.  I don’t actually care why it was allowed, I care that it was allowed and should not have been.

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