Can anyone tell me what condiseration means? I think I was just fired by my advocate… A justified rant..


I guess I am a bad bad girl… you know one of those mean girls..  I really didn’t intend for that to happen, but hey your daughter gets murdered, people don’t do their jobs and things change, I mean I guess that’s what happened???  I am going to post a portion of an email between myself and my victim advocate from yesterday or wait is it my victim coordinator?  Or the Court Technical Specialist?  I am so confused, her title has been each of those since my dealings with her so until yesterday I guess I really didn’t know that I actually had an advocate, but by then it was too late and I had been fired.

This question came from my brother in law, he looked on the Court Calendar and there was Marilee’s name and an appearance was on there for her  for today 10/04/2017, it still showed as Judge West and since I was told the next hearing would be the juvenile court hearing on 10/25 I was a bit perplexed and concerned that someone was pulling another fast one.  So I sent an email asking the following question to my coordinator/advocate/court technical specialist;

Is there a hearing today?  I was not made aware of anything until the 10/25 date so why is Marilee on the court schedule today?

To which I received the following reply; (Be careful she sneaks something major into this reply)

There is no court proceedings today. That hearing was canceled per the prior notice. Upon further condiseration I have chosen to remove myself as your advocate. I feel as though I am no longer able to assist you. I have assigned a new advocate in my office to assist only you through the upcoming hearings. If you will please forward all upcoming questions and correspondences to her. Her name is ****** **** I will remain on this case and can assist her in any questions she has. Thank you. 
Wait what?  Condiseration?  Huh?  Advocate listed twice and no longer able to assist?  What?  “I have assigned a new advocate in my office to assist only you? ”  ONLY ME?  WTF!  I assure you all that I have never not one single time had anyone in that office “advocate” for me.  Mostly I ask questions about things I should have already been told about and occasionally I am lucky enough to get a half a** lazy answers (such as the example above).  This time however I did get some special treatment, her Royal Highness the oh so powerful one (whatever her job title is) has assigned me to one of her subordinates, or at least it sounds like she has subordinates?  Idk I am still confused.
After communicating to my new “advocate” this morning I found out that someone read my blog.
 Boo Hoo!  Are you freaking kidding me?
Victims go through hell, not just me, but all kinds of victims.  I have heard stories from all different types of crime victims where no one helped them and this is what action takes place when someone decides to write about it?  Really?
  Um wait, while you are being dramatic about my stupid blog someone forgot to take a court date off of the calendar and Fox 13 is talking about how Marilee is going to be in court today… and this attempt by you to make a statement, combined with the false information listed on the 2nd district court website (where anyone can see it) only prove the points I have been trying to make, and the real issue of the day isn’t even being acknowledged.  And now I  am being zeroed out and reassigned to a new advocate, hmm.
Someone needs to look at the big picture, decide on a job title and worry about the victims they are supposed to be “advocating for”.   But that’s just my opinion..
Just tell me when to be there, make sure the calendar is accurate for family, friends and the community and call yourself whatever you like.  I am my own advocate, you already assigned me as that long ago….

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