You made me do it… How I became a Jerkface


After seeing, sharing, and 100% relating to this meme posted on the Hilarious Photos FB page last week I started realizing this is funny because it’s true.

I have always been nice and well mannered, I have always taken peoples BS and even made excuses for it.  Without realizing it I started having physical ailments from this acceptance of bad treatment.  I had always been taught to accept and keep going, I had been taught manners.  I still do believe that for the most part people are still brought up to be respectful and not cause problems, but we aren’t really taught how to deal with the resentment that comes from not sticking up for ourselves.

Resentment can turn into anxiety, frustration and then anger, none of these have good outcomes and speaking for myself they turned into sleeping disorders and self esteem issues, but really when I look back it was all from not telling people who are bullies and didn’t deserve the respect I gave them to F off.  Those days are over, those days are my motivating force when going through my current battles.

I wasn’t expecting to be handled extremely different after losing Madi, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to be treated like I didn’t matter, like I was stupid and like I could be set aside and pushed off as needed.  I believe the turnaround date for me was 03/16/2017.  On this day I woke up and said F this and immediately started telling people off and calling them out on their BS.

I had 3 different people that I was communicating to on that day.  Talking, emailing and texting at the same time and getting 3 different stories, yep 3 not 2,  but 3… I immediately learned the important lesson of not taking phone calls from liars, you want that  s**t in writing.  I didn’t even care that they knew I was purposely refusing to talk to them.  I started saying I can’t trust a thing you say so I am only talking to you in writing so you better get your story straight.

Then the fun really began, screenshots, calling them out and  putting them all in a group text showing the huge difference in answers to the same questions, and asking which one was lying out of the group, but the sad truth was they were all lying.  I even had one of them explain to me the difference between the Civil and Justice systems to which my reply was “thanks for the civics lesson but that doesn’t answer the question of who is a liar”  It was pretty amusing to see them all turn on each other.  I still have all of that communication from that day, I want to keep it to prove that everyone has their motives and when it benefits them they will lie to you no matter what!  They don’t care what you have been through, they don’t care about your struggle, they don’t care that they cause you huge problems by being lazy and not doing their jobs, but they do care about not getting the blame.  Human nature I suppose.

Anyways back to the meme, when I first saw it I laughed.   At first glance I translated this as a person who can be a complete a** and still sleep because they don’t care, but then later in the day and still laughing I realized it was something else, well I was seeing it as something else anyways.  If you don’t stick up for yourself you only hurt you, if you figure out how to immediately call people out on their BS and let them know that you can and will be a force if needed to protect yourself you too can sleep like that doggie at night… SO LET IT OUT!!!

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