Wear a cardigan and no one will suspect a thing…

Almost any sweater works, but a Cardigan screams ” what me? I would never do such a thing” and even possibly a “how dare you” if your Cardigan is old fashion enough.

I love the show Desperate Housewives and I Love Lucy  has always been a favorite. Obviously I appreciate women who just can’t seem to be good, but I didn’t know until going through the past year that I shared a skill set with the hilarious ladies of these shows, for lack of a better description I will call it necessary manipulation.

Necessary manipulation is a survival skill, I won’t pretend to be a genius, but I don’t think people who lack this skill when going through a personal tragedy are very wise.    It’s like their brains can’t expand beyond the crap information they are spoon fed.   I try to avoid these types,  I can identify them quickly and  since it is usually  just a matter of time before I piss them off with a mouthy comment or two the trash tends to take itself out.

These types seem to think they are honorable for trusting what they are told.  Yeah…. that’s not really honorable dummies, it’s being part of the herd and something the people who are controlling the situation are counting on.  Maybe I should be thankful of these types, I mean after all if I can manage to keep my mouth shut I can use these people to give the real manipulators a false sense of hope.

I did pretty good at this for a lot longer then I thought I could.  I didn’t want to show my crazy until I had all of the information I needed.  I would show up to court  and meetings  with the Weber County attorney wearing the “cardigan”.   I would smile and nod and keep my mouth shut, I managed for months and months, but it was only a matter of time before I blew up.  The blow up  happened in stages, and while it did offer some comic relief along the way my innocent act is definitely a thing of the past.  Everyone all the way up to the judge knows my true feelings and opinions and while that ends that game it opens up an opportunity for me to get the truth out.

I was stupid too, just like the sheep.  I was a different kind of stupid though, I was stupid because I didn’t open my big mouth sooner, I didn’t want to be the cause of things going wrong.  If I could rewind to the beginning I would have been the biggest loud mouthed B**** from the get go, but you can’t really believe that people can do the things that they do to you when you’re dealing with your innocent child being killed for no reason, but they don’t care and that is the sad truth.  They don’t think you are more important than their pathetic careers, I do believe in Karma, but at this point I feel like I have earned the right to help give karma a push.

So Please stay tuned, I promise to do my best to be entertaining.  I have the Weber County Police Report in my hot little hand.  It’s full of lots of ridiculousness and I WILL be sharing little portions of what is written in there along with some observations that I would love some input on from others.



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